HEALTHY BARS is an innovative company in a fast-growing industry, guided by our slogan: Our passion is to do bars. 
Healthy Bars Ltd. was founded in January 2015. We started the company with the basic concept to focused on the production of products that meet the needs of young and active consumers. 

In the year of foundation the main efforts are directed towards the realization of the investment and product goals and tasks.

Initially, branded products are being developed for markets in Bulgaria, Southeastern Europe and the Middle East.

Gradually the market presence is expanding in the countries of the European Union and developing innovative products under the partner's own brand.

In 2016, the company entered into a fast-growing and with great potential segment - the production of protein bar.

All products manufactured by the company are developed by the team of Healthy Bars Ltd. independently, and / or in close cooperation with partners.

Technology and formulations are the exclusive intellectual property of the company.

The company's products meet all European standards, norms and requirements. 

Healthy Bars keeps expanding abroad, currently supplying its products to more than 46 countries.

Responding to a growing market demand in 2019, we have started construction on a new production plant and warehouse, with a floor area exceeding 3 400 m2.

We keep investing into state-of-the-art technologies and machines which will be installed in 2020.