Single Layer protein bars

The most familiar type of bars with an optimum combination of nutritional value and flavor. They are impressive for their high protein content of up to 50%, soft texture and delicious taste. Possible coatings are dark or milk cocoa coating. We offer these bars in a variety of flavors and with added functional ingredients. Single layer protein bars are a good choice for launching into the functional protein bar market.

Multilayer protein bars

Our multilayer protein bars offer a variety of flavors and functionality. Besides having optimal nutritional value with a protein content of up to 50%, these bars tempt with a delicious caramel/cream/jam layer, dark or milk cocoa coating and a crunchy covering of nuts or crisps. 

Crunchy protein bars

Our crunchy bars have crispies inside and on top. 

Vegan line protein bars
These bars have 100% plant based ingredients. They are high in fibres and proteins and are low in sugar.

Protein by source
-    Animal based
-    Plant based

By protein level
-    Medium
-    High

By end product
-    High in protein bar
-    Low sugar protein bar
-    Vitamin added protein bar
-    Vegan protein bar
-    And many more...

By functional ingredients
-    Taurine & Caffeine
-    L-Carnitine
-    BCAA & L Glutamine 
-    Probiotics
-    Vitamins & Magnesium
-    L-Leucine
-    etc.

By benefits we are offering:
-    <1g sugar
-    Gluten Free
-    Non-GMO
-    High in fiber
-    Soy Free
-    Palm free
-    Natural flavors
-    No preservatives
-    Wide range of textures and flavors

Target customers

  • People with an active lifestyle
  • People taking care of their HEALTH and BODY SUPLEMENTS
  • Hobby athletes
  • Professional athletes
  • People on a diet
  • Vegans and Vegetarians

World trends - We are what we eat.
Increasing health consciousness has led individuals to incorporate fitness in to their daily regimen.
Consumer habits define clear trends related to product referrals that bring different health benefits. 
Healthy eating is no longer a fashion or a trend, but a social and a business reality that is leading to a much faster development of healthy foods worldwide than conventional ones. This also explains the growth in consumption of natural products, products with no added sugar, bars with added useful ingredients (fibers, vitamins, proteins, etc.).
In addition, consumers of healthy products are increasingly looking for ones that can deliver bliss and at the same time be functional.
Meanwhile, the consumption of more expensive products has increased. Consumers are increasingly looking for value-added products for which they are willing to pay a higher price.
The healthy products segment marks a significant global growth.